Regency Wood Burning Fireplaces from $3553
Georgian Series
A family of premium wood-burning
fireplaces with large viewing areas and
features that provide a distinctive focal
point in any room.
36"/42"/50" sizes
Magnificent high-efficiency
Fireplace operates like a wood
, EPA II-certified fireplace with powerful
non-catalytic combustion heating and
4.0 cu. ft. firebox with 30" log
. Includes 200 cfm blower.
80,000 btus heats to 2500 sq ft

$6399 base price
Montecito Estate
Oversized see-through configuration offers
a dramatic and stunning focal point for two
rooms at once – over 2,000 sq. in. of
viewing area
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Biltmore Premium Full Size Masonary  Look-A-Like Wood
Burning Fireplaces
large sizes, creating an impressive focal point for any room. Its
radiant design has no visible smoke baffles to obstruct your
view of the fire.
36" 42"
$1609 / $2219
#SB60 / 80
NZ6000 Lrg. High Country
High Efficiency fireplace
Heat Output*
10,000 – 80,000 BTU’s
Heat Output  (high burn)**
100,000+ BTU’s
Firebox Capacity (cu. ft.)
Area Heated (sq. ft.)
Burn Time
14 hours
Max log size
Flue Diameter
Outside Combustion Air
Air Circulating Blower System
Weight without bricks
583 lbs
Weight of bricks
110 lbs
$6948 w/ black arch double
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Indoor Wood Burning & Gas
Builders Value  Fireplaces
The Astria Craftsman wood-burning
fireplaces offer an attractive choice
with the look of a conventional
masonry fireplace. The BC is a
practical heat-circulating fireplace the
helps distribute warm air into the
home, while the BR offers comfortable
radiant heat. Both models deliver the
beauty and ambiance that makes
wood-burning fires so appealing
42" $867
High Efficiency Wood
Burning  Fireplace
Montebello ST  2-Sided Outdooor/Indoor  Gas

40" Direct Vent Outdoor Fireplace Remote Ready
Natural White Herringbone Brick Liner
With its expansive two-sided opening and stunningly
realistic fire presentation, the Montebello See-
Through provides a harmonious flow from one space
to another, inside or outside the home. The
Montebello See-Through is available in a 40" size, and
comes standard with high-definition logs, ceramic
ember bed burner, log grate, wire mesh pull screens
and the Total Comfort Control™System
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* Assembly
* Delivery
* Installation
* Gas Lines
* Replacement  Grills
* Parts & Service
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High Efficiency Wood
Burning  Fireplace
High Efficiency Wood           
Burning  Fireplace
The Monterey is a large Peninsula (3-sided) wood burner
•Radiant smooth-faced (all models) or circulating louvered
(Inglenook only)
•Massive smoke dome for reliable operation
•Insulated firebox for increased performance in colder climates
(available in select models)
•White Refractory Panels
•Heavy duty log grate
•Includes mesh fire screens
•Outside air kit available for maximum performance
•Durable textured powder coat finish
•Uses IHP 12 DM (1700º) double wall air cooled wood burning
•Uses IHP 12 HT (2100º) heavy gauge double wall air cooled wood
burning chimney, recommended for cold climates (required for
•20 Year Limited Warranty
36" 3 Sided
36"  2 sided  Craftsman see thru $1218
Save up to $800   
High Efficiency Clean Face Wood
Burning  Fireplace
High Country NZ5000 clean face wood burning

(see our live display)
High Country™ 3000 Eco

One of the Cleanest Wood Burning Fireplaces in the World
 Dimensions, 40 1/8"h x 59 5/8"w x 31 5/16"d
 ZERO GRAVITY™ glass and screen door operate
 Large Viewing Area
 President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
High Temp chimney required
Can also be used with a gas log instead of wood

NZ7000 clean face linear $8999
NZ8000 clean face $8999
catalytic combuster
 Viewing Area: 31 11/16"h x 40"w
 Burns 25% longer than previous model
 Lower emissions of 3.25g/hr
 President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
Linear Gas Fireplaces>>>
Wood burning grates & Blowers
When only an authentic masonry
look will do, the Georgian delivers
Celebrating 70 years
Replacement of outdated Wood
or Gas fireplaces
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Constitution Wood Fireplace
Starting at $5,049
The Constitution is a beautiful and efficient wood-burning
fireplace. Strict air quality regulations or "burn bans" are
no match for these clean-burning, eco-friendly wood
fireplaces! Savor exceptional heating power with
extremely easy operation.
•74,900 BTUs—heats 1,000 to 2,600 sq. ft. based on
climate and home efficiency
•2.7 cu ft interior capacity / 24" maximum log length
•Up to 10 hours of burn time†
•EPA certified with emission levels of just 3.3 grams per
High Efficiency Wood
Burning  Fireplace
Birmingham Wood Fireplace Tall  floor level style
Starting at $2,427
These affordable wood fireplaces offer the performance and
appearance of a custom-built masonry fireplace—all at a fraction of
the cost. Whether a crackle or a blaze, the Birmingham is at home in
your favorite room.
•36", 42" or 50" .All models feature 38"  Tall opening
Longmire Wood-Burning
Starting at $4,499
The Longmire offers the nostalgic
wood-burning fireplace sights, sounds
and smells you love in a linear shape.
Sleek hideaway glass and screen
doors reveal a roaring fire, drawing
family and friends together. Listen to
the crackle that only wood-burning
fireplaces provide. Let the scent of
smoldering pine bring back memories.
The Longmire wood-burning fireplace
is made for easy enjoyment.
•Enjoy the ambiance of a wood-
burning fireplace in a linear shape
•Select an indoor or outdoor fireside
•Slide the glass and screen doors up
and out of sight using removable
•Routine maintenance is simple with a
drawbridge grate and hinged glass
•Burn up to 30” logs for more ambiance
• Available in 42” model
42" x 18" Opening UL Listed
Hideaway Glass and Screen Door
with Removable Handle
Drawbridge Steel Grate
Smooth Gray Refractory Lining
Single Handle Damper/Outside Air
6" Outside Air Hood
Attic Insulation Shield
Duel Gas Knockouts
High Efficiency  Wood
Burning  Fireplace
SC60 Heat Circulating Fireplace
Starting at $2,639
The SC60 produces and distributes warmth
incredibly well. These large wood fireplaces
feature four stainless steel tubes and a strong
blower move heat out into the room. An air kit and
flue damper let you control the flames and heat
output to match your mood.
•36" viewing area
•Choose from optional bi-fold glass doors or air-
tight cabinet doors
•Fully insulated firebox with masonry-style panels
High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplaces