Vent Free* Gas Stove
Slightly smaller than the concorde vent
free stove
Vent Free Heating Capacity 1,400 sq. ft.
Burner Insta–Flame ceramic
Max BTUs/hr 19,500–28,000
Firebox Material Cast Iron
Thermal Efficiency Up to 99%
Cost to Operate$0.30 / hr
$1,919 black
replaces VC Stardance vent free
Aspen C3 2020 series
Wood burning stove
Perfect for home or cottage, the Aspen
offers the warmth and delight of a wood
burning fire in even the smallest of
Heating Capacity 600 sq. ft.
Max BTUs/hr 18,000
Combustion Type Non–Catalytic
Burn Time 5 hrs
Log Size16"
Ash Pan Pull–out
top vent
Efficiency 69.5% at 4.3 g/hr
$1,249 Black  USD
Montpelier II 2020 series
Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Insert
with Mead surround
environmentally friendly way to bring heat
and comfort to your home.
Heating Capacity 1,500 sq. ft.
Max BTUs/hr10,100–40,000
Combustion Type Non–Catalytic
Burn Time 10 hrs
Log Size18"–22"
Efficiency3.0 g/hr
Variable Speed Fan Included
More efficient heating — The heat-
activated fan improves room air circulation
Large Viewing Area
Enjoy the flames from almost anywhere in
the room —
The fire viewing area is 60%
larger than other models in the same
Easy Installation
Hassle-free — Rear wheels make it easy
to slide the Montpelier insert right into
place for quick installation.
$3558 Black
Brown enamel finish
Proudly Made in the USA
Wood burning stove
Two-In-One Combustion System
MSRP: $3539– $4349
Converts from catalytic to non-
catalytic operation in less than one
Heating Capacity 2,400 sq. ft.Burn
Time 14 hours
top or rear vent
Wood Burning Stove
Two-In-One Combustion
MSRP: $3,139– $3,849 USD

Made in the USA to be one of
the greenest stoves in
America, the Encore®
FlexBurn™ is unlike any other
wood stove on the market
today. It adapts to your
lifestyle, so you can choose to
operate in catalytic or non-
catalytic mode
Heating Capacity 1,800 sq. ft.
Burn Time 12 hours
top or rear vent
New Transition doors
Stardance® Direct Vent Gas
Our most popular medium
direct vent milivolt Gas stove
28,000 btus
$2,379 black USD

large direct vent  milivoltgas
38,000 btus
$2829 black
other finishes available
* Assembly
* Delivery
* Gas lines
Intrepid II® Flexburn Catalytic
Wood Burning Stove
With its compact design, the
Intrepid II fits just about anywhere
while providing excellent heating
and efficiency.
Heating Capacity 1200 sq. ft.
Combustion Type Catalytic
Log Size 16"
Ash Pan 2 removable ash pans
Efficiency 73% at 2.5 g/hr
6 hr burn
top or rear vent
Milivolt system
$2269 classic black with
transition doors
available finishes
Bordeaux,Biscuit, Brown

Intrepid Direct Vent milivolt Gas
18,500 btus
$1939 black
other finishes available
Call for Current Sale Pricing !!
Gas Stoves
Jotul Wood Stoves
Jøtul F 45 Greenville
Little Giant
Jøtul F 500 Oslo
Large classic cast iron wood
Jøtul F 3 CB
Timeless best seller
top or rear vent
Jøtul F 602
The best-selling wood stove in
the world top or rear vent
heats to 800 sq ft
Jøtul F 100 Nordic QT (CF)
Dauntless FlexBurn Wood Stove
45,500 btu output
11 hour burn
800-2000 sq ft heating
1.8 cu ft
16" log
$2699 Black
2020 Series Models
True Craftsmanship