Plasmafire vented or ventfree
A modern gas fireplace that hangs on your wall. Ideal for modern and
contemporary rooms, Napoleon’s installation plus all of the
conveniences of a gas fireplace. Virtually endless installation
possibilities, it’s almost as easy as hanging a picture on the wall.
With an impressive 30” x 15” viewing area and 20,000 BTU’s,
Napoleon’s Plazmafire™ is a great addition to our modern fireplace
collection. The Plazmafire™ comes standard with a Topaz
CRYSTALINE™ ember bed and a slate brick panel that adds to the
modern look!
• Up to 20,000 BTU’s
• Clean, contemporary design
• Fuel saving electronic ignition
• Exclusive Topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed
• Exclusive slate brick panel
• 20” rigid venting included with unit
WHD31  31" $2738 Direct vent with black surround
WHVF31 31"
$2788  vent free w/ black surround
$775 Convex Stainless Steel surround

 $1299 9000 btus bedroom model vent free only
(see our live display)
Vector Series 60"/ 74" Large Linear Fireplaces
Napoleon® introduces  dynamic  linear direct vent gas
fireplaces that can be installed in both
residential or commercial application
LV60 42,000 btus  $6499
LV74 48,000 btus  $7999
Standard Features
Natural Gas or Propane 26,000 btus
30” linear burner covered with cobalt blue crystals
Flush front with Ceramic safety glass
Electronic Ignition with SureFire™ switch
Wall mounted on / off switch
Direct Vent
Optional Features
Contemporary faceplate in black, brushed stainless steel or
sunset bronze (in 2 styles)
Available without faceplate for clean edge install
Stainless steel or black enamel inner reflective panels
NEW Variable Speed Blower
Crystals in various colors
Ceramic Spa Stones
Natural River Pebbles
Proflame GT, GTM or GTMF remote control
Wall Thermostat
AstroCap™ Flex Venting System
Regency Horizon™HZ40E Medium Gas Fireplace
(see our live display)
Boulevard Contemporary Series
Contemporary Linear Vent Free
•Electronic ignition w/remote
•Screen  barrier
•Made in the U.S.A.

36/48"/ 60"/ 72" Features:
•Contemporary burner operates at up to
40,000 Btu input
•Porcelainblack & stainless steel
reflective liners avail.
Decorative Glass , stones, driftwood log
options .
$1749 30" single face wall mount
$2219  36"  28,000 btus
$2729  48"  / 32,000 btus
$2859  48" see thru model 40,000 btus
$4629   60 " see thru 40,000 btus
$4029  60" single face 40,000 btus
$5369  72" single face  40,000 btus
(see our live display)
Empire will not warranty any Boulevard fireplace that is not installed
by the selling dealer or that dealer's direct contract agents.
Linear & See Thru Gas  Fireplaces
Regency Horizon Linear Direct Vent Fireplace Series
Echelon II Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
•Showcase the interior with glass
illuminated by LED lights
•Customize the interior with Reflective
Black Glass panels, driftwood logs,
natural stone and glass firebed options
•Optional heat distribution systems direct
warmth to more areas of the home
•Available in 36”, 48”, 60” or 72” models
Marquis II Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
•ClearView™ glass gives you an expansive view of the
flames and realistic split logs
•Showcase the interior with accent lighting
•Customize the interior with authentic brick or Reflective
Black Glass panels
•Perfect for medium and larger rooms
•Available in 36” or 42” models
•Up to 57,500 BTUs
Marquis ll Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
Acies Linear 38"   
A sophisticated fire element
•Up to 24,000 BTU’s
•Stylo™ glass front is available to
complement the contemporary design
•Basic four-sided contemporary surround
complete with safety screen is available in
Painted Flat Black finish
$3299 L38       L50 $3499 30,000 btus
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Regency Linear Gas Fireplaces>>>>
* Venting
* Assembly
* Delivery
* Framing-electrical-gas
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Linear Gas Fireplaces
Save up to $500...
Montebello 40"
Venting Type
Direct Vent
Framing Width
Framing Height
Framing Depth
40,000 - 60,000
View Style
Front View
Remote Control
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Landscape FullView Electric Recessed Cleanface
The Landscape FullView built-in electric fireplace is the first
of its kind creating a perfect substitute for a linear gas
This unique frameless design allows for edge
to edge flame presentation as well as unlimited surround
capabilities. Available in 5 different lengths for any
application as well as 2 customizable flame bed options for
different fit and finishes. A 5000 btu 2 stage heater is also
included with remote for supplemental heat up to 450
square feet.
Available with Logs or Glass
40"   $1679
60"   $2149
80"   $2699
100" $3349
120" $4999
(see our live display)
Ascent 36"   Gas linear Fireplace
Up to 16,000 BTU's
 Dimensions, 34 1/2"h, 35"w x 16 1/4"d
 Natural Gas or Propane
 Clean Face Design
 President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Napoleon Ascent™ Linear 36 Gas
Fireplace is perfect for homeowners, re-
modellers and custom builders. With a
multitude of designer options, the Ascent™
Linear 36 can be dressed to match an existing
room decor or can be stylized to be a focal
point in your room. The Ascent™ Linear 36
comes standard with an exclusive Topaz
CRYSTALINE™ ember bed that can be
switched out to a completely new look and feel
with the Shore Fire, Beach Fire and Mineral
Rock kits which include a variety of rocks,
sand, logs and vermiculite
$2199 BL36/ BL46" $2899
Vector  Linear's  LV50 / LV38
The Napoleon Vector™ 50" Gas Fireplace is
second to none. Relax in front of 762 square
inches of fireplace viewing area while up to
40,000 BTU’s of heat fills your room with the
comforting glow of glittering flames. The LED
ember bed allows you to instantly set the
mood. Create any feel, any look, any color of
ember bed you wish the possibilities are
endless. Every color ever created can be
smoothly transitioned through to find the one
that perfectly matches your room, mood, or
event. The Vector™ 50 radiates as much
heat as it does ambiance. Further customize
your fireplace with our selection of designer
surrounds.Easy install includes framing kit.
The Vector™ 50 is available in single sided
and See-Thru. Hot air kit with blower can be
add to duct heat up to 20 ft. from unit.
LV38N 38" $3699 30,000 btus
LV38N2 38" two sided $4499
LV50 Linear $3999
LV50N2 Linear see thru $5199
Echelon ll Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces
Regency City Series
•Clean face design (No frames or silicone)
•Invisible glass safety barrier (patent
•Cool touch wall technology (patent pending)
•Decorative rated
•Standard interior lighting
Unlimited Finishing Options Right To The
City Series Linear Family
The Regency Ultimate linear Gas Fireplace
showcases the best in class flame and log
package. Perfect for modern spaces and open
concept living areas, clean burning heat is
distributed throughout the home. Colder
climates will benefit from the combination of
intense radiant heat and extensive convective
heat delivered by the built in blower. The black
enamel reflective panels further accentuate the
fire to create the perfect ambiance.
Increased output 35,000 btus
40" #U900E
(see our live display)

50" single side and 2 sided available
Fully relax while enjoying your Vector™ 38 and
control all aspects at ease with Napoleon’s
innovative Bluetooth® enabled eFIRE app that can
be accessed from your mobile device.
Replacement of
outdated Wood or Gas
Call us for estimate
248- 366-8666
36" $4899
42" $5599
36" $4899
42" $5599
42" $6899 see thru
Multisided Fireplaces
Boulevard Traditional Series
•41" Traditional Linear Direct-Vent Fireplace
•8-piece Log Set
•Intermittent Pilot with remote
•Ceramic Glass
•34,500 Btu
•Made in the U.S.A.

•Specially designed 31,500 Btu burner
complements log set
•8-piece hand-painted ceramic fiber log set
•Matte black fireplace interior (porcelain
linear available as accessory
36"  $3899
$3429 34,500 btus
$3819 contemporary 34,500 btus
$4199 38,000 btus
$6699 see thru 37,000 btus
$5249 46,000 btus
$8649 52,000 btus
36" $3819       48" $4839
60" $6899       72" $9099
36" see thru $5239
48" see thru $6389
*Place a TV above the fireplace without it
getting damaged
*Hang artwork without fear of warping
*Paint will not discolor, drywall will not crack
*No internal fans required
*Use any finish right to the edge of the fire,
even wood or wallpaper
Mahana Outdoor
Exemplar R/RP series