Direct Vent Gas  Fireplaces
       Premium Series
•ClearView™ glass gives you an expansive view of the
flames and realistic split logs
•Showcase the interior with accent lighting
•Customize the interior with authentic brick or Reflective
Black Glass panels
•Perfect for medium and larger rooms
•Available in 36” or 42” models
•Up to 57,500 BTUs
Marquis ll Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
36" $4499
40" $4999
50" $7199
40" see thru $8997

The Rushmore's TruFlame Technology ensures
maximum flames and ember glow with minimum
emissions, and is offered in Clean Face High
Output 40,000-47,500 btus
(see our live display)
$4889 DVCT36
$5209 DVCT40
$7199 DVCT50
$899740" DVCT40CSP  see thru
Premium Direct vent Fireplaces
*Larger flame
*No Louvers
*Clean face allows facing materials to edge of unit
*More optional upgrades -decorative fronts and brick liners
*Larger sizes
Save up to $800   
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Regency® Horizon®
HZ965E Gas Fireplace
Styled for contemporary environments, the Regency Horizon
HZ965E features an inset design that allows finish materials to
be installed right up the fireplace's edges for a clean look. With
one of the largest viewing areas offered and features including
porcelain enamel inner panels and a glass crystal firebed all
serve to draw the viewer's eye to the shimmering flames. Mood
and comfort can be set using a convenient hand-help remote
control with the flame and heat adjustable by up to 68% making
the HZ965E an excellent choice for modern living spaces.
•Front and rear burner control, allows for a 68% heat turn down
* Venting
* Assembly
* Delivery
* Framing-electrical-gas
Replacement of
outdated Wood or Gas
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Elevation™ X 36 (EX36NTEL) -
37,000 BTU's and Elevation™ X 42
(EX42NTEL) - 45,000 BTU's
Log and Glass Burners
Clean face design with full firebox flame
Optional Glass Guard
Three Ultra High Definition Premium
log set options include: Driftwood, Split
Oak and Birch
Zen front available in both Charcoal
and Black
Whitney and Denali premium fronts
available with iron elements available
in three color options
Finishing trim available in Charcoal,
Black, Gunmetal and Copper
Ten decorative brick kits include
MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective
Radiant Panels, Westminster™
Standard and Herringbone, Newport™
Standard, Old Town Red™ Standard
and Herringbone, Ledgestone Antique
White, Glacier Herringbone and
Standard, as well as Black Illusion
Modulating "ENDLESS EMBERS™"
electric emberbed fills the floor below
the logset and are visible from every
Heat circulating blower included
Optional Dynamic Heat Control™ and
Dynamic Heat Control™ Plus
Remote control included controls flame
modulation, split-flow, ember bed lights
and blower
$3599 Elevation™ X 36 (EX36NTEL) - 37,000 BTU's  

$4099 Elevation™ X 42 (EX42NTEL) - 45,000 BTU's
Mahana Outdoor
Exemplar R/RP series