Chimney Caps and Dampers stop unwanted guests !
Cast Aluminum Top Sealing Chimney Dampers

The OPC is a great Top-Sealing Damper tucked inside a sturdy chimney cap.
The damper provides a tight seal against cold air and the cap keeps rain and
unwanted critters out of your chimney and home. No wonder Lyemance is
the leading damper/cap combination on the market.
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those chimneys that don't have a raised flue
low profile stand-alone damper.  Constructed
of 304 stainless steel, spring loaded, it's
simple for you to use and easy to install (just
silicone it on).  Each damper comes with
32'of SS cable, 3' of SS cable guard for the
offset of the flue, 10 oz. tube of silicone and a
firebox bracket pack.  Just remove the wing
nuts for easy cleaning!!