Stiletto Inside Fit
Silouette Cutback Fit- Frame  
Shadow Overlap
Direct Vent Fireplace Refacing
Fireplace Glassdoors
Cutback fit – this is a combination of
an overlap and inside fit; the frame
recesses into the opening so it does
not protrude into the room as much as
an overlap fit; it also recesses into the
opening more but still has a slight
overlap, unlike an inside fit which is
entirely in the opening
inside fit – the entire frame is within the
fireplace opening
Overlap – the entire frame is outside of
the fireplace opening
Refaced 3 sided direct vent
Live Burn
Wall Panels
Celebrity  from $469
2 Day Ship Standard Masonry | Aluminum
Chalet  from $659
2 Day ShipStandardMasonry | Aluminum
Heritage 2  from $999
2 Day Ship Standard Masonry | Welded Steel