Small                          Medium                      Large
* $399         $499            $699  reg. to $750

Small 18"                        Medium  24"                    Large 30"
* $399               $499              $699  reg. to $850
Ventless Features:
* ODS Safety Pilot incl.
*Creates 35% room humidity
*up to 38,000 btu output @ 99% efficiency
*Up to 950 sq ft of room heating
*No chimney required
* No  Black Soot
* Operates with damper open or closed
Ventless Charred Birch    $649  
Heats up to 1100 sq. ft. 7 pc
Charisma/Moxie gas vent free
18" $799/ 24" $899
Heats up to 1100 sq. ft.
Wireless Remote ready
70,000 btus           90,000 btus                 90,000 btus
Ventless Charred Oak    $599  
Heats up to 1100 sq. ft.   4pc
Ideal for Cold Rooms
Kentucky wildwood Vent-Free
18" $899
Heats up to 1100 sq. ft.
Wireless Remote included
Vent-Free & Reduced Vent Heater Logs
Full Flame Vented Gas Logs
Ventless  super sassafras $699
Heats up to 1100 sq. ft.      6pc
Michigans largest
Gas Log Showroom
Ventless Canyon Oak   $799
Heats up to 1100 sq. ft.      7pc
Available with pilotless ignition
Mojo 27
complete set with andirons
Wireless Remote w/ variable flame height
Dual Live ember burner
Heats to 1300 sq ft
Front View #1                                 Side View                     Front View #2
reg. $1099
2 sided 18" set
2 sided 24" set
Heats up to $1300 sq. ft
Wireless remote
Natural Blaze Vent Free See-Thru Logs
for Large Multisided Fireplaces
"Rock Creek" Vent-free Gas Heater log for most Multisided Fireplaces
                          For 2 sided  see-thru Fireplaces
        99% Efficient Deluxe Vent-Free
Gas Heater Log Inserts
Ideal for Cold Rooms
99% Efficient Duel Use  Vented or Vent-Free Gas Heater Log Inserts
99% Efficient Premium Vented or Vent-Free Gas Heater Log Inserts for Large Fireplaces
27" 2 sided xtra-Large
Contemporary Gas Fireplaces
Product Code - GVFL24
Vent Free Gas Log Set
Dual  burners-40,000btus
•Complete with solid cast iron andirons &
grate, large charcoal embers and 5lbs
lava rock/cinders
Includes wireless remote ($150 value)
•50% flame/heat adjustment for
maximum comfort and efficiency
Medium    $829
large       $899
X-large     $1079
#GVFL series
Super Stacked Wildwood Full Size 9 pc.

Massive Oak 27" set
* Assembly
* Delivery
* gas lines
Safe -Clean Heat
Costs Only 36 cents / hr to operate
Medium 7 pc   $1049
large  7pc    $1199

incl wireless remote
Over 60 live burning displays
The Real Fyre Ventless  2 sided gas
log has that great deeply cut bark
detail that Peterson is famous for.
Heats up to 1300 sq ft
20"/24"/30" sizes
incl remote control
18" $899
24" $999
Sets include grate, safety pilot control, logs, embers and ash
18" $899
24" $999
Vented & Vent-Free Gas Stoves
99% Efficient Duel Use Vented or  Vent-Free Gas Heater Log Inserts
*Free shipping $99 minimum purchase.Regency
fireplaces  and some other products may be
subject to shipping charges
Clearance Sale !!
Gas Logs
Save up to $200...
while supplies last
Stoll's fireplace hoods
are designed to protect
fireplace surrounds,
especially in the hight
heat application of vent
free & direct vent
fireplaces. Available in
any Stoll powder coat
or overlay finish to
compliment your
fireplace door.
Mounting hardware
Stock widths of 35",
39", 43", 47", & 51"
Custom widths
Protection. Beauty.
Log set &
Ponderosa Pine 13 pc.  $699
Heats up to 1100 sq. ft.      18"
Available with pilotless ignition
Vent Free Fireplace package