Direct Vent Linear
Gas  Fireplaces
Save up to $800
..........exp. 9/30/18
Celebrating 70 years
Cool-Pak Technology
Montigo's sleek minimalist design of
lines and ingeniously concealed
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R Series Indoor Outdoor - Linear, Glass Stones
50,000 BTU NG/LP
• Indoor-outdoor dedicated
• Concealed ribbon burner with firestones
• Choice of natural gas or liquid propane
• Frameless firebox design for inside glass

Sealing frame for outside glass
• Built in downdraft Power Vent system that
requires no venting
• Built in Power Vent control box
• HSI ignition
Printed in Canada
owner's manual for complete installation
instructions and full product warranty. All product
information is accurate at time of printing and is
subject to change. Printed images may vary from
actual product. XB2207-070714

Unit MUST be installed on an exterior wall. It
cannot be installed
fully indoors or fully outdoors.
PL Series Outdoor Ventless - Linear, Glass Stones
Montigo's CabanaFire PL42VO brings the warmth and
comfort of your living room to your patio. Full combustible
framing and finishing capable design creates an endless
opportunity for outdoor installation. Featuring 2 dual Built-in
blowers to provide a curtain of warm air on a cool evening
even in windy conditions.
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