Contemporary Clean Faced Glassdoors
Our customization capabilities allow you to design
the perfect fireplace door and more....
* Measuring
* Installation
* Custom sizes
Federal Fireplace & BBQ
Family Owned and Trusted ...... since 1946                 
Hudson Roller Door
from $1900
Moderne Roller Door
from $1900
Silhouette  Door
from $770
Elite Door
from $1445
Stilletto Door
from $770
Shadow Door
from $770
Essex Door
from $1200
Moderne Slim
Frame Door
from $1360
Moderne Door
from $1360
Coronado Door
from $875
Avalon Door
from $790
Nolita soft close
from $1444
Totalview Door
from $1100
Stainless Steel Door
from $2586
from $1444
Manhattan Door
from $1400
Elite Thin Line Door
from $2034
Stockton Door
from $875
Alliance Collection Modern Enclosures
doors hung on steel frames, these
unique doors feature a soft-close,
concealed hinge, and shaved handles.
Available in Powder Coat, Anodized and
Premium finishes. Available for prefab
and masonry fireplaces
FullView Glassdoors
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Glass Fireplace doors
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any glassdoor
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