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R. H. Peterson has been
making Fire Magic 1939.
Now, most other companies
have their bbqs made in
.Fire Magic Aurora 430
432 square inches of cooking space (18x24).
50,000 btus + 13000 btus backburner
Fire Magic Aurora 540
540 Square Inches on the primary cooking surface (18" x 30")
Gas Models, 60,000 Btu's + 19,000 Btu Backburner
Fire Magic Aurora 660
660 Square Inches on the primary cooking surface (22" x 30")
75,000 Btu's + 19,000 Btu Backburner
Fire Magic Aurora 790
792 Square Inches on the primary cooking surface (22" x 36")
90,000 Btu's + 23,000 Btu Backburner
" Aurora  Charcoal-Gas Companion Grill

Width (Right to Left) 24.5
Depth (Front to Back) 19.5
Height (Ground to Ceiling) 8.5
Main Burner BTU's 32000
Rear Burner BTU's 10000
Total BTU's 42000
Depth 18
Width 23
24" Built - In Grill - Natural Gas
30" Built - In Grill - Natural Gas

Rear Burner BTU's 10000
Total BTU's 50000
Cooking Surface Size
Depth 18
Width 29
36" Built - In Grill - Natural Gas -

Main Burner BTU's 48000
Rear Burner BTU's 10000
Total BTU's 58000
Cooking Surface Size
Depth 18
Width 35
$2130reg. $2398
includes rotisserie
back burner
* Assembly
* Installation
*  New gas Lines
* Replace Existing
Aurora  Features
2018 "L" Series Premium portable gas grills with cart
Cooking area 432 sq in
Cooking Grid Size 24" x 18"
Grilling surface BTU's 32,000
Cooking area 540 sq in
Cooking grid size 30 x 18"in.
Grilling Surface BTU's 40,000
Cooking Area 648 sq. in.
Cooking grid size 36 x 18
Grilling surface  btus 48,000

3 burner
$3470  mfr $3689

3 burner
$3626 mfr $3987
2016 "L" series Built in Grills
We specialize  in building & installing gas grill kitchens
The new “L” series grills feature an electronic push
button ignition system that does not require batteries. It
also includes interior halogen lights (controlled by a
push button located on the right side of the unit) ideal
for night grilling. Requires 120 Volt AC power.
$6727 built in head only
Standard Features
Magic View Window
Powered by Exclusive Cast Stainless Steel "E" Burners - Guaranteed for
Hottesst Cooking -- Most BTU's and Heat Per Sq. In - Heats Fast and
Stays Hot
Master Power Switch Turns off Electrical System When Not in Use
Recessed Backburner for Larger Size Rotisserie Cooking
Built-In Storage Brackets for Spit Rod
Roller Ball - Bearings Support Rotisserie Spit Rod with Super
High-Torque Motor and (2) 4 Skewer Meat Holders with Heavy
Constructed of 16 Guage Stainless Steel, Flavor Grids are Engineered
for Durability and Even Heat Distribution
Heat Zone Separators Isolate Cooking Zones so Food in each Zone May
be Grilled at Different Temperatures
Feather-Lite, Easy-Lift Oven Hood with Spring Assist
Intergral Oven Warming Rack for Light Cooking or Warming Foods
Customized Stainless Steel Name Plaque to Personalize Your Grill
All Stainless Steel Cart with Insulated Storage Doors
Polished Rounded Corners For Added Style and Safety
Retractable Tool Holder and Paper Towel Holder
Four Heavy-Duty Locking Swivel Casters
Two (2) Electrical Outlets with 8' Heavy Duty Extension Cord
All Stand Alone Carts are Pre-Assembled
" Echelon Premium Series"
Echelon Fire Magic
Side Shelves Up (Right to Left): 50  
Height (Ground to Ceiling): 59  
Depth (Front to Back): 24.5  
Main Burner BTU's: 32000  
Rear Burner BTU's: 10000  
Total BTU's: 42000  
Cooking Surface Size 432 sq in
Depth: 18  
Width: 23  
Fuel Type: Natural Gas  
Back Burner Type option  Infra-Red  
Rotisserie Kit: option  
Main Burner Material: Sheet Metal Stainless Steel  
Burner Style: U-Shaped  
Grill Body Construction Material: Stainless Steel  
Ignition Style: Electronic - Battery  
Number of Main Burners: 2  
Warranty: 15 Year  
Cooking Grid Material: Stainless Steel Rod  
Light: None  
Side Burner: None  
Infrared Main Burner: All Conventional  
Drip Pan: Yes  
Burner Warranty Against Burn Through: Yes  
Ways to Cook: Conventional, Rotisserie
$1799 reg $2176  in ground post #24NGT-OOSP T series
$2099 reg $2469  patio/deck mount #24NPT T series
$2199reg $2573  in ground post #24NGL-OOSP L series
$2399 reg $2796  patio/deck mount #24NPL L series

2 burner
$2865 mfr $3100
polished bezel
Stainless steel rod cooking grids
Advanced SR-18 stainless steel burners (3)

*Halogen oven lights
*10,000 btu infrared backburner              
* Rotisserie kit
* Heavy duty warming rack
* 12,000 BTU side burner
* Infrared main burner option( up to 1200
degrees cooking temp)
propane gas  std (natural gas kit available)

American Outdoor Grill stainless steel
burners are warranted for 15 years
All other American Outdoor Grill parts are
warranted for 10 years
AOG gas grills
23,000 backburner BTU’s
Wood Chip smoker with dedicated 3,000 BTU burner
Cast stainless steel burners (E-burners)
Contoured control panel
Back lit safety knobs
16 gauge stainless steel flavor grids

Optional Magic View Window
Heat zone separators
Electronic digital thermometer
Halogen lamps for evening grill
other grill manufacturers.
the actual primary cooking
surface, not overall grill sizes.
ex. 36" Fire Magic will really
compare to others 42" Grills.
BTU's listed below are for the
primary cooking surface and
do not include backburner or
side burners
Best Seller
Cooking surface: 660 square inches
(30" x 22")
This grill burns bright with its push
button 9 volt battery operated
ignition system, a stainless steel
valve manifold, and a built-in digital
thermometer with meat probe.
reg $6310   A660S-5EAP-62
portable natural gas

660 sq in
75,000 btus
side burner
Grills above  include Sideburner & backburner
In ground post
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Showroom Displays
Grill Fits About 24 New York Steaks
Grill Fits About 12 New York Steaks
Grill Fits About 17 New York Steaks
" Aurora Deluxe Series" built in heads
The precise grilling and ease of use that comes
and tenderness of a companion charcoal grill.
•Cooking Surface: 828 sq. in.
•Analog thermometer
•Cooking Power: 50,000 BTUs (main burner) and
26,000 BTUs charcoal burner
•16,000 BTUs back burner
•Stainless steel construction
$5705 reg $5993
Built in head only
Portable natural gas kit
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Permanent Mount Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill "T" Series (no lights)
$2450 reg. $2688
includes rotisserie
back burner
$2550reg. $2776
includes rotisserie
back burner
American Outdoor Grill® stainless steel burners are warranted for Fifteen (15) years
All other American Outdoor Grill® parts (excluding ignition systems, accessories, infrared
burner, and vaporizer panels) are warranted for Ten (10) years
Infrared burners and vaporizer panels are warranted for Three (3) years
Ignition systems (excluding batteries) and accessories (including side burners, motors, and
thermometers) are warranted for One (1) year