Electric Fireplaces
CLX2 Series Wall Mount or Recessed
45" $1149
60" $1299
80" $1999
100" $2599
144" $7899
Recessed or wall mount installation
Recesses into any 2″ x 4″ wall
Color Changing Orange to Blue flame for year
around use
Media – Coals / Glacier Glass (Included)
Low energy LED flame technology
Unsurpassed Realistic Flame Patter
Hi-tech touch screen controls
NEW Sleek remote control
Flame operates with or without heat
Variable heat with Thermostat and Variable Flame
120 Volt – 1500 watt/ 5000 BTU heater
Do it yourself installation instructions (included)
Landscape FullView Recessed Cleanface
The Landscape FullView built-in electric fireplace
is the first of its kind creating a perfect substitute
for a linear gas fireplace.
This unique frameless
allows for edge to edge flame presentation
as well as unlimited surround capabilities.
Available in 5 different lengths for any application
as well as 2 customizable flame bed options for
different fit and finishes. A 5000 btu 2 stage heater
is also included with remote for supplemental heat
up to 450 square feet.
Available with Logs or Glass
60" $2149 (see our live display)
80" $2699
100" $3349
120" $4999
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Live Burning       
Replacement of
outdated Wood or Gas
Call us for estimate
FusionFire™Steam Fireplace
Built In Clean Face

Standard Features
• Built-In Clean Face Installation
• Full Flame Viewing Area
• Can be installed beneath a TV
Full life-like flame appearance
• Patented Steam Technology
• Cool to the Touch Glass Face
• Manual Fill or Direct Plumbing
• No Venting or Minimum to
• Optional Heating Available
• 120 V Hard Wire
• Operates with Remote or
Touch Pad
• Internal Computer
• Adjustable Flame Height
• Recessed Mounted Installation
• Weather Proof Construction
• 2¼” Trim Surround
• Realistic Natural Flame
• Standard Coal Bed Media
• Low Energy LED Flame
• 120 Volt Non Heat Model
• Operates on Wall Switch
The NOVA Recesses Electric Fireplace follows the long
lineage of industry changing electric fireplaces.
This is the first Outdoor Rated Electric Fireplace
available in the market. The fully enclosed electric
fireplace construction is built and designed to
accommodate any environmental occurrence such
as rain and other coastal factors. The Nova is 120 V non-
heat model that has an optional upgraded
3000W 220 V Outdoor Heater adaptor. Both the heater
and the fireplace operate with a wall switch.
The Nova creates a perfect ambiance for any moonlight
Spectrum Series
Built-In Flush Mount

Built-In Flush Mount Installation
2” x 8” Built-In Installation
12 Different Flame Color Options
Award Winning Flame Technology
3 Stage Lighting Intensity
Low energy LED flame technology
NEW Manual Controls
Variable heat with Thermostat
120 Volt – 1500 watt/ 5000 BTU heater
NEW Sleek Remote control

SC36-B AC 120V/60Hz 5000 1530 W 35½” W x 24¼” H x 8” D
33¼” x 19”

SL50-B AC 120V/60Hz 5000 1530 W 48½” W x 18¼” H x 8” D
46¼ x 13¼”

SL74-B ACAC 120V/60Hz 5000 1530 W 72½” W x 18¼” H x 8” D
70½” x 13¼”
* Assembly
* Delivery
* Framing-electrical
Replacement of
outdated Wood or Gas
Call us for estimate
50″ Panorama Deep Electric Fireplace Built-in only
with black steel surround – by Amantii
Panorama fireplaces are rated for Indoor or
Outdoor use.
FIRE & ICE® Flame Presentation  – Three light strips allow for
yellow, orange, blue, violet & rose colored flames electric fireplace
mood lighting Illuminate decorative media like never before with
ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors
fireplace heater and fan Heater & Fan
Flame operates with or without heat Fire and Ice media Deep 12”
comes with large glass chunks, clear & blue diamond fire glass
media, an 11 piece log set, and black steel surround that can be
installed if preferred
electric fireplace zone heating Perfect for zone heating approx.
400-500 sq ft.
4800 BTU Design Specialties Media Design Specialties hand
finished surround option available for additional purchase in more
than 30 colors.
Hardwire ready electric fireplace Thermostat hard-wire ready
Electrical hard-wire ready     

Optional Media for inside
BI-40 Deep $1719     Xtra Tall $1999
BI-50 Slim $1619
BI-50 Deep $1999     Xtra Tall $2199
BI-60 Deep $2099      XT  $2399
BI-72 Deep $2399     XT  $2699
BI-88 Deep $2699  +  XT  $2899
**std height 11" Xtra tall 173/4
Outdoor stainless steel cover  
50-TRU-VIEW-XL – 3 sided 50 inch
wide electric fireplace – by Amantii
Boasting a depth of 14 1/4”, the TRU-VIEW-XL features
two flame sets, ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors
and three color LED light strips allowing for a multicolor
flame presentation. With just a click of the remote
control, choose from blue, rose, violet, yellow or orange
colored flames.
50-TRU-VIEW-XL – 3 sided 50 in.$2319
60-TRU-VIEW-XL – 3 sided 60 in.$2519
72-TRU-VIEW-XL – 3 sided 72 in $2819
CLEARion™ 50"
The First Truly See Through Electric Fireplace
•Variety of Ember Bed and Flame Colors
•Up to 9,000 BTU’s and 3,000 Watts
•Created with patented technology
•Viewing Area: 12"h x 43 5/8"w per side
•Warms up to 800 sq. ft.
•Can be hard wired to 120V or 240V
ZCR Electric Insert for manufactured or
masonary fireplaces
Remote Control
38” x 24” Trim Piece
Easy access manual controls
120 Volt – 1500 Watt / 5000 BTU Heater
Fits into Existing Zc Fireboxes
Affordable alternative to gas fireplaces
Hand Painted LED Canyon Juniper Log Set
Realistic Flame Appearance
5 Stage Flame Brightness
avaiable with modern glass burner
Electric insert installs in
existing fireplace
Add new life to existing wood or masonry
fireplaces with Sierra Flame’s beautiful Flush
Mount INS-FM-34 Electric Insert.
You can conveniently control the flame height
and intensity of the natural looking flame with
the included remote control.
Ideal for zone heating, easily heats a space
400 to 500 sq ft in size.
The fireplace insert comes standard with a
black overlayand log set
Deep Series
$1199 30" INS-FM-30
$1399 34" INS-FM-34
Electric Fireplace Inserts
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off any
Electric Fireplace

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# BI-50-Deep-XT
# BI-50-deep OD