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Direct Vent Fireplace
$1099 mfg $1999
*36" clean face louverless  unit   
*wall switch or remote ready valve
*18,000 btu 4 pc oak  gas log set
* vent kit  

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Regency Panorama®
22,000 btus
Vignette surrounds in
various colors
• Proflame remote control
• Safety screen
• Standing pilot system
• Can control heat with up
to 50% flame turn down
• Wall mounted on/off
• Direct vent technology
protects your indoor air
• Operates on natural gas
or propane
Regency Horizon HZ40E Medium Gas Fireplace
Regency Bellavista  Traditional Gas Fireplace

Maximum BTU        31,000       
Turn Down BTU        21,500        
Efficiency        71.00%         
EnerGuide Rating        64.70%       
View Area        641 sq in.         
Room Size        Medium-Large         
Vent Type        Direct Vent         
Unit Dimensions         
Width (front)        36"
Height        35.25"
Depth        17.3125"
 Direct Vent
Gas  Fireplaces
     "It's Worth The Trip!!
* Venting
* Assembly
* Delivery
* Framing-electrical-gas
* Direct Vent parts
Regency Horizon™HZ54E Medium Gas Fireplace
35"Clean Face
Fireplace Package
$1299 reg $1895
*electronic ignition*
*20,000 btu   gas log set
* Traditional pkg*
Boulevard Traditional Series
•41" Traditional Linear Direct-Vent
•8-piece Log Set
•Intermittent Pilot
•Ceramic Glass
•31,500 Btu
•Made in the U.S.A.

•Specially designed 31,500 Btu burner
complements log set
•8-piece hand-painted ceramic fiber log
•Matte black fireplace interior (porcelain
linear available as accessory
41" $3149
48" $3899
60" $4819
72" $7999
Empire will not warranty any  fireplace that is not installed by the
selling dealer or that dealer's direct contract agents.
B36XTCE clean face medium  31,000 btus
B41XTCE  clean face large 42,500 btus
Regency Excalibur P90 Medium Gas Fireplace
The gentle arched design of this product provides the perfect backdrop for
the beautiful Regency fire.  There are over forty ways to customize the look
of your P90 Excalibur Fireplace.
35,000 btus /View Area 455 sq. in.

Backed by the industry’s most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty
Regency Horizon® HZ42STE Medium Gas Fireplace
2-sided fireplace
Driftwood log option
Call for Current Sale Pricing !!
Clean contemporary lines with picture frame
• Vibrant crystals or relaxing river stones
replace traditional logs
• Double the fire drama with reflective panels
for a stronger fire show
• Outstanding long, full, lazy flames that can
be turned down for optimum heat control
• Accent light enriches the realism of the fire
• Decorate two different ways in two different
Regency Horizon ®HZ54E Large Gas Fireplace with Driftwood Log set
The Regency Horizon™ HZ54E offers a wide angle view of a unique and dramatic
flame; perfect for contemporary homes and open concept living spaces. Inset
reflective panels amplify the appearance of the stunning fire. The incredible styling
is backed up by practical function; delivering consistent controllable high efficiency
heat… even during power outages.
Backed by the industry’s most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.
41,500 btus / View Area 615
Linear Gas Fireplaces
40"Clean Face
High Definition Series
$2609 reg $2788
*40"unit electronic ignition*
*27,000 btu  Phazer gas log set
* Clean Contemporary design
5' vent kit
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Gemini DLX  Available in  35”, 40” and 45”
radiant smooth-faced models
Dedicated top or rear flue configuration
electronic ignition with battery backup
Operates in the event of a power outage
up to 28,000 btus
Blower - remote- accent light kit -Log set
65.5% AFUE
reg. $1984-$2664
Traditional series
$1599 35"  
save  up to $300
also avail. CD series glass linear
(see our live display)

60"  $4819
Boulevard 60-inch Linear Direct-Vent
Full Five Feet Wide
• 46,000 Btu Natural
• Elegant Porcelain Black Liner or an
Industrial Chic look with the Ridgeback Liner
finished in distressed bronze.
• Fill the fireplace floor with decorative
crushed glass or logs and rocks kit

Boulevard Contemporary Series
Contemporary Linear Vent Free
•Milivolt Pilot w/ remote
•Ceramic Glass barrier
•Made in the U.S.A.

38/48"/ 60"/ 72" Features:
•Contemporary burner operates at
38,000-40,000 Btu input
•Porcelain black reflective liner
Decorative Glass , stones, driftwood log
$1969 38" single face
$2349 48"  / 40,000 btus single face
$2469 48" see thru model
$3869 60" single face w/ LED lighting
$5139 72" single face

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Celebrating 72 years
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60 Burning Displays
Replacement of
outdated Wood or Gas
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Chase Top Flashings
Marquis II Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
•ClearView™ glass gives you an expansive view of the
flames and realistic split logs
•Showcase the interior with accent lighting
•Customize the interior with authentic brick or Reflective
Black Glass panels
•Perfect for medium and larger rooms
•Available in 36” or 42” models
•Up to 57,500 BTUs
Marquis ll Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
36" $4899
42" $5599

42" $6899 see thru
Crave Series Linear Gas Fireplace
Starting at $3,329
The Crave provides modern luxury at an affordable price.
All of the essentials for a complete modern design are
available in both single-sided and see-through models.
Multiple upgrade options also let you accent your style
and personalize your look. These affordable fireplaces
are truly the best option on the market, providing modern
luxury, backed by the #1 preferred brand by builders.
•Define your design with 4 sizes and multiple
customization options
•Full featured RC300 remote control
•Industry leading end-to-end flame technology
•Enhanced safety of IntelliFire™ Plus and Direct Vent
•Up to 58,000 BTUs
•Available in 36, 48, 60 and 72-inch models
Reveal Gas Fireplace
Starting at $1,719
Recreate the timelessness of a wood-
burning fire with the Reveal. These open-
hearth gas fireplaces provide full, generous
flames, comforting heat, as well as featuring
optional doors.
•36" or 42" viewing area
•Unique burner and open-hearth design
create an authentic flame
•Traditional or herringbone interior options
Caliber Modern or Traditional Gas Fireplace
Starting at $2329
The Caliber Modern provides modern design in a spacious and
traditional size. Safe and efficient performance keeps the distinctive
flames dancing, while the unique design options available for these
modern gas fireplaces help create a variety of custom looks.
•Large viewing areas in both 36" and 42" sizes
•Bed of crystal glass or log set  included standard
•Optional fade-resistant black glass liner
•7 additional media options—multiple glass colors and stones to
create custom looks
•Up to 32,000 BTUs/
Caliber NxT series up to 40,000 btus

Stone and Mantel sets available
Builtin heat sensor
$399 #mm540
Ascent™ Multi-View - BHD4
High Definition Fireplac
30,000 btus
choice Logs ,Fire Cradle or
Glass burner
Bedroom Bathroom approved
Easy install with 8" flex
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Vent Fireplace?
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Traditional series Clean Face Premium
$2199 36"  24,000 btus
reg $2684
log set / safety screen
Blower /Remote/ Light kit / Brick Liner
also avail. CD series glass linear
(see our live display)
32" $1999
42" $2399
$100 coupon
off any Direct Vent
exp 1/31/19
prior sales & B36 series excluded
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